The Evil Marriage [ 2019 ]

MOVIE | AdventureFantasyHorrorAnimation | اردو| Duration : NA | Release Date : 2019-11-1

The Evil Marriage [ 2019 ]

MOVIE | AdventureFantasyHorrorAnimation | اردو| Release Date : 2019-11-1

The Evil Marriage Story

Once upon a time, in a far away, across the dark jungle, a castle in the sky, there lived a king of Evils with his evil guards. One day, one of his magicians showed the magic mirror and shows a beautiful human girl in this mirror, and told that if he wants to continue to be a king he must marry this girl. The story of "The Evil Marriage movie" revolves around the character of "Nur" (a human girl) who was kidnapped by the Evil's king guards and took her to unfamiliar world where she will have to marry the evil in order for others to live. But, there is someone who sneaks into the dark jungle to reach the evil castle and rescues her.


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Unfortunately, the movie The Evil Marriage is not available to watch/stream on any of the streaming platforms in India. It is not available to buy/ rent online on any platforms right now.


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