Polar Storm
Polar Storm

Polar Storm

MOVIE | ActionScience Fiction | English| Duration : 92 mins | Release Date : 2009-3-28

Polar Storm

MOVIE | ActionScience Fiction | English| Release Date : 2009-3-28
Polar Storm

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Yay! The movie is available for streaming online and you can watch Polar Storm movie on Tubitv. It is not available to buy/ rent online on any platforms right now.

Polar Storm Story

When a piece of the massive comet "Copernicus" collides with the Earth, it knocks the planet off of its axis and unleashes a disaster never before witnessed. Dr. James Mayfield (Jack Coleman) and his highly trained research team are the only ones who can re-align the axis. With his wife and teenage son in mortal danger, Dr. James Mayfield (Jack Coleman) calls on his crack research team to help realign the planet's axis before the effects of the catastrophe are irreversible.


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