Excelsis [ 2020 ]

MOVIE | Drama | English| Duration : 110 mins | Release Date : 2020-9-18

Excelsis [ 2020 ]

MOVIE | Drama | English| Release Date : 2020-9-18

Excelsis - Where to Watch?

Unfortunately, the movie Excelsis is not available to watch/stream on any of the streaming platforms in India. It is not available to buy/ rent online on any platforms right now.

Excelsis Story

Cassady Jones battles through the amateur mixed martial arts ranks as a mediocre fighter awaiting her big break. Then suddenly one day a mysterious fight promoter by the name of Marcus Moretti offers Cassady an opportunity of a lifetime. Cassady is offered the chance to enter a fight that can see her advance into the professional ranks. Marcus convinces her that a win would take her from mediocrity to greatness. Understanding that her big break is finally at hand Cassady decides to take advantage of the opportunity and embarks on an epic quest that mirrors our everyday movement and journey throughout life including the low blows such as lost love and betrayal but while Cassady is down for the count she realizes that she’s not just in another fight, she’s in the fight for everything!



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