Lucky Ali is one of the finest singers of our generations, and the one before it. Considering the time he has been in the industry, his fame has faded away despite his ageless music. Ali made a comeback into pop culture when his recent Instagram video went viral. Days after he uploaded the video, Lucky Ali was seen singing impromptu at a cafe in North Goa, as several fans are mesmerised by his singing and instrumental talent. Read on.

Lucky Ali posted his first-ever Reels video on November 13. Within a month of it, the video has garnered over 13 million views, making him a household name yet again.

In this Reels video, he is seen singing a rendition of his ultra-popular song O Sanam from his album Sunoh.

Now further to that, a video on Twitter has gone viral that shows the singer sitting in the middle of a crowd in Arambol in North Goa. He is seen singing yet another informal rendition of O Sanam.

With a mesmerising voice, Lucky Ali manages to hook the crowd onto his performance as even foreigners seem amazed by his singing and guitar talents.

Sunoh, which includes O Sanam, is Lucky Ali's debut in the Indian music scene. The popularity of the album in the 1990s propelled him into stardom, which fizzled out by the 2010s.

Lucky Ali has sung several award-winning Bollywood songs including “Ek Pal Ka Jeena”, "Na Tum Jaano Na Hum", "Aa Bhi Jaa", and more. Much recently, he was part of "Safarnama" from Tamasha in 2015.