Tom and Jerry Movie is the latest release confirmed for 2021. The frenemies, Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse, are back for yet another round after decades of their prominence in kids' TV shows. Trailer for the new Tom and Jerry movie is out now and it brings back the original cat-and-mouse chase, giving it a unique modern twist. Let's have a look at what the Tom And Jerry Movie trailer brings to the table to awaken the nostalgia in us.

The biggest takeaway from the trailer is that while some of the movie will be animated, like before, major parts of it are live-action, which has become the norm these days.


We start off with a throwback to the battle between Tom and Jerry as they head towards a bigger city, New York. A big wedding is taking place and we see Jerry wreaking havoc as usual. To take on this problem, the hotel hires the biggest exterminator of them all, Tom.

Thus ensues the ultimate battle of cat and mouse as they take on the hotel in their own classic style; Tom desperate to catch Jerry and Jerry always managing to outwit the former.

It is a super fun trailer and looks like a lighthearted movie, especially if you were a fan of the cartoon back in the day. You can watch it below. Comes out sometime in 2021. We will keep you updated.