The show F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the most impactful sitcoms of all time. It had a successful run and has amazing rewatch quality. If you have watched and loved Friends, you will love these 9 things that you might have missed in the TV show.

The condom balloons

Not sure if you spotted this, but the Ross Geller bachelor bash had balloons made out of condoms.

Reserved table, please

The table at their favourite cafe was always reserved for the group.

Two microwaves

Two microwaves were in Joey's and Ross' house. Sounds like something they would do.

Address reveal

We finally got Monika's and Rachel's address!

Potato for sale

The cafe once tried to sell a potato and we love it for it.

The tale of apartment numbers

In the first season, the TV show had apartment numbers 4 and 5, but were later changed to 18 and 19 due to their presence on high floors.

Ross loves ice cream?

In one episode, Ross says he does not like ice cream at all. However, in another, he is seen eating ice cream. Interesting.

Elvis guest appearance

Some homeless guy Elvis gained fame as he was the one who married a couple off. Mentioned on the article on the left. hilarious.

Two birthdays