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The Office is one of the most popular situational comedy series ever, which ran successfully for nine seasons. The popularity of the series is evident by its viewership numbers on Netflix, where it is the most watched show in the US. Now, actors, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have come together yet again to launch the first-ever podcast for all the avid The Office fans. This upcoming podcast, titled 'Office Ladies', will talk about the best moments of the series and see the actors discussing their experience on set.

Earlier this week, Fischer who plays Pam Beesly took to Twitter to make the announcement. "We are so excited to finally be able to share about our upcoming podcast Office Ladies! We are heading to the recording booth this week to talk about The Alliance from Season 1. We want to know if you have any questions about that episode! What do you want to know?" she said.

Fischer will collaborate with Angela Kinsey, who plays the uptight Angela on the show, to talk about The Office. The podcast will show the both of them picking certain episodes from the nine seasons and discussing behind the scenes stories and memories while shooting them.

Ever since the finale season ended about 6 years ago, rumours of a spinoff or a sequel have been floating around. However, these seemed to have died down ever since Steve Carell didn't have a positive response around the idea. This podcast would be a fun way for avid fans or recent viewers to get an insight into what their favourite cast did during the filming of The Office.

"The Office was such an amazing chapter of our lives and it means so much to us that we get to share some of our memories of filming it with our audiences," Jenna Fischer said in a joint statement with Kinsey.

The Office podcast, titled Office Ladies, will premiere on the Earwolf comedy network and most major podcast apps (Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, etc) starting October 16th. It hasn't been confirmed yet as to whether other members of the lead cast will be joining the two on the podcast.