The Crown is one of Netflix's most extravagant, and also most popular, Web series of all time. Over the seasons, it has attempted to the recreate the lives of the most important members of the British Royal Family, which successfully ruled almost half the modern world for centuries. However, The Crown Season 4 seems to have touched quite the raw nerve with lots of viewers across the world. Here we have a look at how The Crown Season 4 is easily the controversy king of Web series in 2020.

For starters, the latest season of The Crown features for the first time, Diana. Diana, as most of you know, is the late wife of Prince Charles. She was one of the most popular faces on Earth, but ended up losing her life in a tragic accident in 1997.

Peter Junor, a popular royal family biographer, recently shunned the latest season calling it a 'cruel and unfair' portrayal of the family, to the Times. “It’s the most cruel and unfair and horrible portrayal of almost all of them," she said.

So, a big source of news that comes from the royal household has rejected Netflix's portrayal of the Charles and Diana relationship when the latter was alive.

However, the fourth season of Netflix's The Crown doesn't just show Prince Charles' and Diana's marriage, it also gives us a look into Margaret Thatcher's PM rule undoubtedly one of most impactful leaders of the free world.

The British royal family is usually very wary of bad press, and the Netflix series depicts that there was a ton of friction between Thatcher and the Queen. However, real life differs in the sense that we have recorded evidence of their good relationship and the awards bestowed upon Thatcher by the Queen.

Despite controversy, The Crown on Netflix makes for great cinema. It is an extravagant series that depicts the largesse attitude of the British royal family, and has been appreciated by Netflix subscribers across the world.