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The Batman is one of the most awaited superhero movies of the new decade as we see DC Comics transitioning to a more subtle approach to its superheroes in the current phase of the DCEU. The Batman, a possible Batman origin story, is part of this saga and releases on June 25, 2021. With more than 16 months to go for release, director Matt Reeves has teased the first-ever look from the movie's sets. Here's a quick look at it.

In a post on Twitter early morning on Friday, Matt Reeves posted a 55-second Vimeo video link that gives us a closer look into the new bat costume, and most importantly, the new Batman - Robert Pattinson.

The video starts off with Batman walking towards the camera as it unblurs to reveal the worn-down logo on his suit. The suit appears to be highly mechanical in nature, in line with the previous movies as well as the comics.

Camera then slowly pans up to Batman's face as we see Robert Pattinson wearing the classic Bat Mask, albeit without white eyes. Pattinson looks up and towards the camera, where the video cuts to a black screen.

Robert Pattinson has been under scrutiny for his upcoming role as Batman. This criticism from DC fans is largely because he succeeds Ben Affleck, widely regarded as one of the best Batman actors on screen.

Fans argue that while Pattinson is a great actor generally, he does not suit the role of Batman which requires a buff and well-built actor playing the role. Only time will show how the actor holds up in comparison to other greats like Ben Affleck and Christian Bale.

Notably, when Ben Affleck was announced as the Batman in DCEU, before Batman v Superman, the announcement wasn't received well initially.