Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the finest actors in Hindi cinema. However, a controversy of nepotism has erupted ever since his unfortunate demise in June this year. A CBI investigation is currently ongoing in his death's reason, and several linked members of the film fraternity are being called in for questioning. One such questioning revealed that SSR was actually offered a big Bollywood movie right before his death. Let's check out the details now.

A new report reveals Uday Singh Gauri from CornerStone LLP was called in for questioning by CBI. According to India Today, Uday made a statement to the authorities claiming that SSR was in discussions to take part in a film around "Police, ISI and Kasab".

India TV News

In fact, he reveals the last discussion took place on June 13; a conference call that had prolific film director Nikhil Advani and producer Ramesh Taurani chatting with Sushant for several minutes.

The next discussion was scheduled to take place on June 15, which suggested how eagerly the creators wanted to cast SSR in the movie. The project has apparently been shelved now.

Indications of a problem started on June 13 itself, when it is known that Gauri tried to reach Sushant 5-6 times on his phone to no avail. However, the conference call did take place smoothly, according to the talent agency employee.