Netflix released a ton of new original movies and TV series in 2019, a lot of which were appreciated by subscribers and critics. However, one highlight of the year was Netflix British comedy series Sex Education. A fun story about the son of a sex therapist who tries to impart his secondhand knowledge at his high school, full of charged-up teenagers. Sex Education Season 1 was amazing and as Season 2 premieres January 17, 2020, we give you a recap of what all has happened.

Sex Education Season 1 recap

Sex Education Season 1 starts off with establishing socially awkward teenager Otis Milburn, who struggles with his mother's occupation and her interference in his personal and sexual life. He is among the least popular kids in his high school, friends only with openly gay Eric.

Otis is, one day, embarrassed because of his mother's antics in a class at school and he runs off to the bathroom. There he notices the jock of the school, who is seen struggling with his sex life. Otis helps him overcome the anxiety, which is observed by Maeve, one of the more popular girls in the school.

Otis and Maeve team up to discreetly provide sex education to struggling students of the school, making some money off the side. However, Maeve is in a complicated relationship with Jackson Marchetti, the head boy at Moordale Secondary School and a swimming champion.

Jackson calls for Otis' help to get Maeve to become his girlfriend, putting Otis in a tricky situation as he has developed feelings for her as well. Otis and Maeve get together as she calls him to help during an abortion scare. On the other hand, Otis also gets close to Ola, a girl he met once outside his house.

Eric feels abandoned as his only school friend drifts away from him. Otis and Maeve are struggling with their sex therapy business, but they finally sort of crack it when they counsel a lot of couples at a school house party. Eric discovers that Adam (the school jock) is closeted gay and starts developing feelings for him. The both of them even get involved in a romantic session.

In the season finale, we see Otis, Maeve, Eric, Adam, and Jackson all struggling with feelings for one another, with none of them getting fulfilled.

Sex Education Season 2 expectations

In Sex Education Season 2, we expect to see Otis and Maeve get back together for their sex therapy business at school, as apparent from the trailer. We can also expect Otis to face the fears of his relationship with his mother firsthand, as his mom comes to teach sex education at his school.

Otis and Ola are expected to take their relationship forward, considering they are such goals. However, Maeve has supposedly moved on which could be far from reality. In the end of Season 1, we see that Maeve develops really strong emotions for Otis and it will be tough to move on from that.

But there is an issue with Otis and Ola's fling, as it is revealed that both of their parents are also getting together. This could mean that they might break up in Season 2.

We also see a new French gay guy joining the high school, evidently getting hot with Eric. Maeve will finally deal with her family problems, unravelling all instances of abuse. This season appears to touch more upon the real relationships and how emotions affect mental well-being.

That said, we will have our Sex Education Season 2 review up by January 17, 2020, as soon as the new season goes live.