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Sacred Games Season 2 is right around the corner, with worldwide release slated for August 15 this year. Possibly the most popular Web series from the Netflix Originals library in India, Sacred Games is one show that millions of fans across the world are eager to tune in to find out the next step in this crime thriller which is full of plot twists. A lot of users had questions after they finished binge-watching Sacred Games Season 1. Now that Sacred Games Season 2 is coming, here are 6 burning questions that every fan wants answers to.

Sacred Games Season 2 questions everyone wants answers to

1. What will happen in the next 15 days?

Sacred Games is based on a countdown timeline, which gave Sartaj Singh 25 days to save the city of Mumbai. The first season saw us reach the 15-day mark, and nowhere near figuring out the details of this attack. With just about two weeks to go, every fan eagerly wants to know what will happen in the next 15 days that either destroy or save the city.

2. How and when will the timelines meet?

Sacred Games is a unique series in the sense that it has two timelines running parallel - one in the past and one in the present. While the past shows Ganesh Gaitonde's rise as a big Mumbai gangster, the other timeline shows the events after his death, including how inspector Sartaj Singh attempts to uncover the deadly attack on Mumbai.

3. When did the conspiracy begin?

The series started off with framing Ganesh Gaitonde as the only bad guy, however as episodes unfurled, we realised that he was part of a bigger conspiracy involving politicians, policemen, and our very own Guruji. Guruji helped Gaitonde escape country 15 years ago, but when exactly did the entire conspiracy come to action? We shall probably find out in Sacred Games Season 2.

4. And, why exactly was Gaitonde saved?

Ganesh Gaitonde was one of the most wanted men in India, but he was saved by this corrupt mechanism for unknown reasons. Fans are dying to know the reason behind this, and whether his being saved was linked to something even bigger.

5. What role do the new characters have?

A few months back, Netflix India revealed the cast for Sacred Games Season 2, which includes actors like Kalki Koelchin and Ranvir Shorey making their debut on the show. Fans are excited to see what roles these critically appraised actors will play, apart from Pankaj Tripathi. It would also be exciting to see how the roles of the old actors will evolve.

6. Was Sartaj's father involved in the conspiracy?

By the end of Season 1, we come to know that Sartaj's father helped Gaitonde survive in prison by keeping him alive with food and water. But, what we don't know is that he might just be part of the bigger conspiracy, which could further allow Gaitonde to trust his son with confidential information.