Robert Pattinson is one of the finest actors in Hollywood today. But ever since his name was announced to play the next Batman, in the Matt Reeves directorial The Batman, DC fans have been criticising the choice. This is warranted because he doesn't quite look the part. But, he sure is a fine actor who can pull off most roles with ease. Let's have a look at the 5 best Robert Pattinson movie performances that could justify his casting as Batman.

1. Connie Nikas in Good Time

One of the best performances by any actor in Hollywood. Period. 2017's Good Time sees Pattinson in the lead role of Connie Nikas. Playing the role of yacht owner on the French Riviera, the actor justified with his intensity. The movie won him 13 Best Actor nominations across shows.

2. Ephraim Winslow in The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is one of the best movies Pattinson has been a part of. This psychological thriller sees Ephraim Winslow, along with his colleague, getting into all sorts of trouble while doing their jobs. Both the actors had wonderful performances, with Best Actor nominations across the board.

3. Dennis Stock in Life

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Dennis Stock in Life is the renowned photographer of a meta project in Hollywood. Despite not being the central character, Pattinson manages to steal the show in this drama. This, despite the fact that the movie wasn't that well received. His performance definitely was.

4. Samuel Alabaster in Damsel

This western classic sees Robert Pattinson playing the role of Samuel Alabaster. He plays the role of an affluent man set to protect a woman from kidnappers. The movie has a good twist, topped off with some gorgeous acting skills by the Brit.

5. Henry Costin in The Lost City Of Z


Henry Costin from The Lost City of Z is another one of Robert Pattinson's most memorable roles on screen. Percy Fawcett and Henry Costin are part of the mission in the Amazon to find a hidden city. Flawless acting, especially the part where he effortlessly switches emotions.