The Marvel Cinematic Universe or the MCU has been growing for the past 12 years, recently concluding its Infinity Saga with Avengers: Endgame last year. We have seen a lot of superheroes, villains, and their weapons. We rank the 10 great MCU superhero weapons of all time.

1. Infinity Gauntlet

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Definitely the mightiest of the lot. The Infinity Gauntlet was what it was all about. It holds the 6 Infinity Stones making it the most powerful thing, and the one holding it the most powerful being, in the entire universe. No debate here.

2. The Tessaract

The Tessaract is another important weapon, purely because it is powered by the Space Stone. It offered the ability to teleport from one point to any other in the entire universe. With its unlimited energy, the possibilities are endless. And, Loki showed us havoc can be created, in Endgame.

3. Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker was the newest hammer of Thor, the God of Thunder. It was first seen in Avengers: Infinity War where we saw Groot use his branches to make the arm of the hammer. It is considered to be stronger than Mjolnir considering the potential it showed in the last few movies.

4. Mjolnir


Mjolnir is the first hammer that Thor got, passed on from his father, Odin. We saw it several times in the MCU where it helped Thor win battles against enemies of his planet and of Earth. However, it was destroyed by Thor's sister Hela during a confrontation between her and brothers Thor and Loki.

5. Scepter

Loki's Scepter was another dangerous weapon thanks to the Mind Stone which it possessed. Loki showed us in several films that the Scepter could control anyone's minds convincing them to fight his battles. It helped him take over several knowledgeable scientists.

6. Doctor Strange's mind

Doctor Strange's mind is a weapon in itself. His superpowers include predicting anything in the universe which can be used as a weapon to fight off any impending threat. However, he hasn't used it to any of these advantages yet. It remains to be seen as to what the next movie holds in store.

7. Thanos' blade

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Thanos' blade is a mean weapon in itself. While it didn't have any such magical powers, the blade made for a great physical weapon that could take on things like Captain America's blade and several of the superheroes.

8. Captain America's shield

Captain America's shield has been made from the strongest substance in the MCU, Vibranium. However, due to the size of the shield, it doesn't help much if Captain's reflexes don't match up. This was seen in Avengers: Endgame when we saw Thanos almost destroying it.

9. The Yaka Arrow

The Yaka Arrow is an underrated MCU weapon. This whistle-controlled arrow from Yaka was the weapon of choice for Yondu Udonta. It is made from a rare material and can take on enemies cunningly well.

10. Quad blaster


Star Lord is one of the funniest MCU characters, but his quad blasters are a weapon supposed to be taken seriously. He has taken down enemies with them and his control over them is great. Don't underestimate him.