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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his debut appearance on Discovery Channel's popular show, Man Vs Wild, alongside host Bear Grylls. While he was on the show to promote environmental protection and social hygiene in the country, the PM's personality couldn't allow him to escape a few memes on social media, especially when millions were tuned in to watch the special PM Modi episode of Man Vs Wild on Discovery on Monday night. Here is a quick roundup of the hilarious memes around the episode.

PM Modi on Man Vs Wild special episode

How can we forget the expressions and laughs that Narendra Modi has, can be a meme-churning machine for social media celebrities?

While the episode was filled with insights into Modi's and India's experience with nature and wildlife, and showed us the picturesque jungles of Jim Corbett, it was also a great time to make things light with some humour.