South Korean movie Parasite has been the highlight of global cinema for the past few months now, with it becoming the first foreign movie to win the coveted Best Picture award at Oscars 2020. With no specific genre, Parasite won hearts across language barriers because of its impactful and comedic take on the invisible class divide in several societies. The movie also won Best Original Screenplay award at Oscars 2020, however, fans from India are convinced the movie is 'inspired' and copied' from a Tamil movie. Here are the details.

1999 Tamil movie Minsara Kanna is the story of a rich woman who usually employs only women at her house. However, a guy, Kaasi, manages to employ himself and his entire family at the house to win her love.

Tamil fans now say that the plots of the two films - Minsara Kanna and Parasite - are eerily similar, especially the plot point wherein a family sneakily employs itself at a rich family's house.

Despite that being the case, a major difference between the two movies is the underlying motive. While Parasite talks about criticising the concept of capitalism, Minsara Kanna is a love story wherein the boy only takes up the job to convince the owner to fall in love with her.

That hasn't deterred fans of the Tamil movie to take to Twitter to accuse the makers of Parasite for getting inspired from Minsara Kanna. Some of them even thanked the Academy for "appreciating Korean Minsara Kanna".

That said, the chances of a 2019 Korean dramedy being inspired from a two-decade relatively lesser known Tamil film are extremely low. However, cinema has no boundaries and it might just be that Bong Joon Ho did indeed watch Minsara Kanna before making Parasite. We can only speculate until any official confirmation comes out.