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Sacred Games Season 2 is definitely the most-awaited Web series to come out in India this year. Part of Netflix India's Originals slate, Sacred Games' second season will explore the rest of the 15 days of the thrilling plot, and also reveal how Ganesh Gaitonde's teesra baap Guruji is part of a bigger conspiracy to take down the city of Mumbai. With Sacred Games Season 2 premiere on August 15, here is how Pankaj Tripathi's Guruji could be the most prominent character in the upcoming Netflix show.

A long 11-minute monologue

In an interview to IANS earlier this month, actor Pankaj Tripathi revealed that one of the most challenging sequences to act in during Sacred Games Season 2 shoot was an 11-minute monologue. “It was a magical experience and I had a great time shooting for that particular shot. I remember Anurag Kashyap asking me to deliver it once again, since nobody knew it would take as long as it did. So, for technical purposes, we did it all over again,” he told the press.

Mastermind extraordinaire

While Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) had been teasing the presence of this third godfather, Guruji, since the first episode of Sacred Games Season 1, we saw Tripathi's character much later in the last episode. Leaving us on a cliffhanger, Sacred Games will uncover the identity of Guruji as much more than a religious leader, a mastermind of a gang or cult.

Character based on Osho?

Just recently, Pankaj Tripathi in an interview revealed that his character would be based upon a guru who has a massive following across the world. Interestingly, a report by Mid-Day cited a source claiming that his role would actually be based on controversial religious guru, Rajneesh Osho, who was banned by the US a few decades ago.

Give shape to other character portrayals

Without forming a linear plot for himself, Guruji's character will actually be filled with philisophies that will help influence the personalities and actions of other characters in Sacred Games Season 2. “It was tough for me. But there is a thought and a philosophy in those lines that I could not alter. So I worked hard, learnt the lines and played back a recording of my voice to check on my preparations," Tripathi said in a recent interview.