The Oscars 2020 might be the lowest-rated ever in terms of broadcasting with only some 23.6 million viewers watching the event. But do you think this hurts the Oscars brand? Let time answer that for us. Nevertheless, we are going to discuss one of the possible reasons for low Oscars viewership this year. It is the extremely less Indian connections at Oscars 2020. India is the second-largest populous country in the world, and more nominations from the sub-continent would have certainly raised the viewership numbers. That being said, let us now have a look at the only Indian connections at Oscars 2020.

1917 winning the Best Visual Effects

1917 is not an Indian movie, so what’s the Indian connection?

1917 winning the Best Visual Effects Award is good for India because of the presence of around 200 Indians out of the 600 members who worked in adding lifelike VFX effects in this World War I movie. Arun Kumar, one of the Indian members who worked for the VFX in 1917 tweeted

AR Rahman’s Jai Ho

More than a decade later, since its release, Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire is still continuing to win accolades for the musical maestro at the Academy Awards.

The foot-tapping track was featured in an original song montage at the Oscars 2020, showing yet another Indian connection at the 92nd Academy Awards, albeit for a few seconds. Back in 2009, Rahman won two Academy Awards for his music (including Jai Ho track) in Slumdog Millionaire.

India produces the most number of movies in the world; the number is more than 2000 movies every year across 20 regional languages. But, there are only two mentions of Indians’ presence at the Oscars 2020, that too vague. And even the ones mentioned above are not about an Indian winning an award at the event.

Parasite, a South Korean film, has created history by becoming the first foreign-language film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture and also has three other awards each for Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Original Screenplay.

Gully Boy, India’s official entry to the Oscars 2020, was undeniably one of the best movies India made last year. It shows the plight of rappers in our country. And it is also inspired by the real-life stories of Divine and Naezy.

But should it have been the final choice made by the jury chosen by the Film Federation of India? Other South Indian movies like Jallikattu or Super Deluxe could have been a better choice.

Most of the recently released Indian movies are predictable with rehashed stories and remixed songs. Only a rare few films have originality and a strong storyline. Besides that, the movies are driven by commercialism and work only because of superstars in the cast. The best movies that really deserve the nominations do not make it to the final entries.

Now is the usual time of the year, after the Oscars, when we discuss the quality of the films that are made in India. Our country boasts a huge base of talent across cultures and states.

That’s why both filmmakers and the jury members should take note. Here's hoping Indian movies go on to rule the Oscars, like Parasite did, some day in the future.