Netflix has been ramping up its movies and Web series library over the years, to reach quite the overwhelming number now. It has come to a point where you can't even decide what you watch when you open up the app or website. You just end up looking at several titles and just close the app. To fix this, Netflix is testing a new Shuffle feature when you have just given up. Read on for details.

A new 'Shuffle Play' button will soon appear below user profiles on Netflix. In fact, it has been appearing for some users since July this year. Additionally, Netflix is also testing a 'Play Something' tab in the app's interface, as a separate tab.

A report by The Verge suggests these buttons are linked to your watch history and the recommendations are usually based on what you saw in the past. For instance, if you watch a lot of superhero movies, the algorithm might push one that you haven't seen.

In essence, this feature is like the "Based on what you watched" tab on Netflix. However, the shuffle button starts playing movies or TV shows instead of just telling you about what to watch next.

The Verge

This feature is extremely useful for a lot of you who are confused on what to watch next. Let us know in the comments on Facebook if it is useful for you!