The Coronavirus lockdown is underway in almost every country of the world, and isolation is one of the main aspects that needs to be strictly followed. In case you are one of those people who like to watch movies and TV shows with their close friends, chilling with a beer or two, will likely be missing that experience. However, a Google Chrome extension called "Netflix Party" offers a similar experience. Read on.

Netflix Party is an extension that allows you and your friends to stream your favourite movie or TV show on Netflix, simultaneously. You can actually pause and play it simultaneously, and also chat while watching the stream.

How to watch with friends using Netflix Party extension

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the extension.

1. Open Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop and go to

2. Click on "Get Netflix Party for free!" to add the extension to your browser

3. Once you do that, you should see an NP logo on your Chrome browser

4. Open Netflix in a new tab. NP logo colour will change from grey to red when you choose a movie or show to watch

5. From the extension, you can select and send the invite link for everyone to click on

So, that's how you can use Netflix Party to watch Netflix with your buds even while in quarantine. For Netflix and chill, however, you might need to wait a few weeks in case your bae doesn't live with you.