Netflix is the biggest premium streaming platform internationally but it faces a unique competition in India. We are a rational market and paying up to Rs 800 a month requires a big commitment. While Netflix India has been providing us with an impeccable UI, user experience, and interesting international content, we still have our complaints. Here are some things that Netflix India needs to fix next to become the market leader in India.

1. Better localised content

The biggest complaint we have and we are sure a lot of you have is the lack of localised content. Yes, Netflix is undoubtedly a rich source of award-winning international content, including their own originals. But they haven't explored the regional content world of India at all. Please do that next.

2. Free trial

For a service that's priced up to Rs 800 a month, removing a free trial seems a bit rich. Considering only premium customers are signing up, we would like to have the flexibility of the 1-month free trial to test out the service before signing up. Bring it back, please.

3. Smarter creators

Another complaint we have with Netflix India is the quality of original content that's been dropping since the past couple of years. Netflix India peaked too early with Sacred Games and has since roped in creators and directors who haven't been able to do too well. This year, and the next few, please pick the right ones.

4. More fun stuff

We might just be nitpicking here, but Netflix seems to be filled with dark, gritty movies and series. Come on, we are in the middle of a global pandemic, let's loosen up a bit. Let's bring back the old charm of Seinfeld, The Office, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Let's do more of that please, Netflix.

5. Big budget acquisitions

The lockdown has seen an increase in digital-exclusive Bollywood movies. Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video recently announced a barrage of them. But apart from Gunjan Saxena, what's Netflix India up to? You have the money, now's the time to throw it at the big boys and get the audiences to your platform!