MX Player has steadily gained popularity in India and is now among the leading streaming platforms in the country. The Times Internet-owned player has been tying up with several original content providers as well as producing its own set of original movies and TV shows to compete with the likes of Prime Video and Netflix in India. Here are some MX Player quality Web series that do so.

1. Bhaukaal

Bhaukaal is one of the recent releases on MX Player as part of its originals catalogue. The Web series revolves around Muzaffarnagar ruled by Shaukeen and the Dhedha Brothers. It's a story of bloodshed, revenge, and action.

2. Samantar

Samantar on MX Player was released in March this year. This drama series stars Swwapnil Joshi and Tejaswini Pandit in lead roles. This is an unusual tale of a man who meets someone who has already lived the same life as him. Suspense and thrill ensue.  

3. Hey Prabhu!

Hey Prabhu! is a lighthearted comedy series streaming on MX Player. Starring Rajat Barmecha in the lead role, this TV show is about a guy in his mid-20s who realises that a large online following isn't enough to take on real-life situations. This MX Original series is a fun one-time watch.

4. The Insiders

Another dramedy on MX Player, The Insiders, is part of TVF's Originals library. 5 episodes of this Web series. A bunch of millennials get together to form The Insiders group where they use their imagination to generate ideas for fun.

5. Raktanchal

Raktanchal is another one of the latest Web series from MX Player's stable of original content. Released in May this year, this action crime show dramatises true events from the state of Uttar Pradesh. Revolves mostly around the politics of the mafia in the time of the 1980s.