Moothon is the latest Malayalam-language film to hit movie theaters in India today. The 2019 action thriller is written and directed by Geetu Mohandas and stars Nivin Pauly in the lead. Moothon tells us the story of a 14 year old child from Lakshadweep who comes to Mumbai in search of his elder brother. Anurag Kashyap has written the Hindi dialogues for the movie. Moothon critics reviews are out and here is a quick roundup to help you decide.

Moothon movie review: Nivin Pauly will surprise you in this profound Geetu film

Litty Simon from Manorama Online writes, "Leave aside all your assumptions and let a film surprise you. Just like how the final shot of Mulla’s smiling face will haunt you, so will Moothon stand as a disturbing and profound movie from Geetu and Nivin."

Moothon movie review: Geethu Mohandas' Malayalam-Hindi bilingual shows us a Nivin Pauly we’ve never seen before

Pradeep Menon from Firstpost says, "Dare I say it, Malayalam cinema has been churning out the best Indian movies for a while now, but even by those high standards, Moothon is a film that stands out for its visceral emotional tapestry interwoven with action-thriller elements. Like a life fraught with questions and travails, it is a ride that can get bumpy, but it is one you should go on, should you get the chance."

'Moothon' Review: Geetu Mohandas' film blends two hard-hitting tales, Nivin Pauly gets the role of his lifetime

Aishwarya Vasudevan from DNA India writes, "Geetu deserves a standing ovation as the director who knew what she wanted to convey! Watch Moothon witness Nivin in a never-seen-before character and for a tale which is still ahead of its time."

Moothon Movie Review

Deepa Antony from Times of India says, "Moothon is what happens when a powerful story meets a competent director who ropes in some of the best artists and technicians, knowing exactly what to get from them, and how. Moothon is a brave film. And it is this gritty courage that brings about nothing less than the best in an artist. If you were a Nivin Pauly fan, watch Moothon for Nivin Pauly 2.0. But if it is the very craft of film-making that you enjoy, then watch it for the powerful story of self discovery."

Moothon Movie Review: A Harsh Path to a Self-Discovery

Gokul Saravanan from News Bricks writes, "Moothon is such a story that talks about self-discovery and harsh waves from an unethical society towards a teenager. The movie strongly portrayed how a gentle breeze from an irresponsible society could feel like a code orange tornado for a teenager. There is an assurance that you will never see the familiar Nivin Pauly in this movie."