Pirates of Carribean is one of the most popular film franchises in Hollywood. It has always been a male-dominated cast, but we are in for a big change soon. An all-female cast for a Pirates of Carribean movie is said to be in the works with Hollywood star Margot Robbie roped in as the lead. Will she be playing the role of Jack Sparrow, usually played by Johnny Depp?. Here are the details.

A report claims that the Pirates of Carribean all-female movie might not be a spinoff of the original concept with Jack Sparrow. It is being reported that Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson will be directing the movie for Disney.

New Yorker

The project is currently in the early development stages but we are hearing that this upcoming Pirates of Carribean won't be based on the movies, but instead come with new characters in an original story this time.

This original story is expected to borrow elements from the Disneyland ride of the Pirates moniker. And, longtime Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer is expected to helm this project too.

With Johnny Depp headlining the original franchise, Pirates of Carribean is one of the most successful franchises at the box office, grossing over $4.5 billion across 5 films.

With the recent success of Robbie's female-fronted Birds of Prey and Bombshell, producers would want to cash in on her strong image; putting her in the lead of Pirates of Carribean is definitely one way to do that.