Every time a video from Karikku releases on YouTube, it ends up being the most trending video on YouTube in South India. Why is Karikku so successful? For those of you who do not know, Karikku is one of the leading YouTube channels from Kerala that produces content in the comedy genre. With time, the number of subscribers on the channel and video views are increasing. As of writing this post, Karikku has 4.8 million subscribers with several videos that have more than 10 million views. If you are curious about the secret behind their success, we have come up with the top 5 reasons why Karikku is ultra popular on a platform like YouTube.

Their motto

Karikku's tagline is #feelthefreshnessinside, and it is so apt as every video that is released on YouTube from this channel doesn't fail to make the audience feel a freshness among them.

Although subjects and plots surrounding each video can be related to the happenings around us, the way they are presented by the Karikku team and the actors are very unique.

Karikku also has videos with guest appearances of Tovino Thomas, Rajisha Vijayan, and Aju Varghese from the Malayalam film industry.

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Actors and Casting

Since inception, Karikku has made most of its videos with a set of actors. Most of these actors are famous by their character names from the Thera Para web series such as Scene Britto, George, Lolan, Shambu, K.K, Shibu, and Francis.

The brilliant casting is evident from several fan videos made on characters like Babu Namboodiri on Instagram and YouTube. A few actors from Karikku also made guest appearances in mainstream Malayalam movies like Trance.

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Ads are not affecting the theme of Videos

Unlike other channels on YouTube, Karikku supports advertisements differently on YouTube. They add Ads as an element in their videos. For instance, the Swiggy, Kuvera, and a few other learning apps were added in the script of Karikku's videos like Onam Sadhya, Arrangement Kalyanam, and the Thera Para series.

Their most recent series, Doosra, shot during lockdown, is titled Ajmal Bismi Doosra by including the name of the sponsor, Ajmal Bismi, in the title.

Nikhil Prasad

Nikhil Prasad is the founder of Karikku. After a decade of experience in the media industry with a few leading media channels, Nikhil ventured into YouTube through Karikku.

There is no doubt that his experience is really helping him to steer forward in the digital media platforms. Karikku also has its presence on Instagram, with nearly 1.8 million followers.

Kerala Audience

The history of God's own country tells us that Kerala's audience is known for welcoming fresh talent. In the past, several clubs like Kalabhavan arose as one of the popular platforms for people looking for a chance in the film industry.

As time went on and since all of us are glued now to our screens, emerging platforms like Karikku have turned out to be one of the best platforms to showcase new talents.