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IT: Chapter 2 is the latest Hollywood movie to release in Indian theaters in the first week of September. Sequel to 2017's blockbuster horror flick IT, Chapter 2 is the continuation of the battle between It and the Losers' Club. The sequel is based 27 years after the original movie, marking the return of It to the fictional town of Derry, Maine. It: Chapter 2 is a supernatural film, much like the previous one, and shows the story of the Losers' Club - the members of which are grown up adults now - as they fight out It once again in their home town. Read on to know what we think about the movie.

Mild spoilers ahead

It: Chapter 2 movie India review

It: Chapter 2 starts off with showing us the last sequence of It, wherein the kids of the Losers' Club (Beverly, Bill, Richie, Mike, Ben, Eddie, and Stanley) make a pact in 1989 to return 27 years later to take on It yet again. The time has passed and everyone has to assemble again for their next battle with Pennywise.

Before getting into what works for the movie, let's get the one big negative out of the way. The movie is way too long for a horror movie, or even a Hollywood movie. That is because it has to deal with the back stories of 7 protagonists, all at once. Adapting a lengthy novel is always tough, especially when each page is a masterpiece.

That said, It: Chapter 2 has brilliant casting with the child actors in the previous movie looking a lot like the ones in the sequel. Bill Hader is a great addition to the cast, adding that comedic effect to an otherwise gory movie.

2017's It was a massive commercial success because it wasn't your quintessential horror movie; the film bordered on the lines of psychological/supernatural thriller. It had only a few jump scares and the horror was enhanced with the dark theme of the script. However, It: Chapter 2 is different. It has a lot more jump scares, mostly predictable, and is gory to the core.

Ugly monsters, weird ghosts, and creepy clowns are jumping from every corner of the screen and 2 hours into the movie, it all just looks like a really weird acid trip. The soundtrack is equally dramatic, and almost always gives away an impending jump scare. The plot line borrows a ton from Stephen King's book, including the author himself who has a sizeable cameo in the movie as a bicycle shop owner.

What is interesting about It: Chapter 2 is the number of flashbacks it has from everyone's childhood. The movie seamlessly switches back between the two timelines and the editing is commendable. However, it takes a bit too long building towards the climax and you are left quite disappointed and are, in fact, rooting to reach the end faster.

Much like the prequel, Pennywise the Clown is brilliant as the antagonist. He is in his usual self, biting off people's body parts and creeping everyone he meets. That's his only job and he seems pretty good at it.

The movie is funny, even in gore. The dark comedic effect have been brilliantly added in by director Andy Muschietti and the scenes do not seem forced at all. Some of the sexist and fat-shaming slurs could have been avoided, mostly because they seem out of place, plucking the low-hanging fruit.


All in all, It: Chapter 2 works when it comes to dark comedy, extreme gore, and trippy special effects. The storyline is conventional and the runtime is too long. Showing 7 prominent protagonists is always a tough job and director Andy Muschietti has at least managed to keep all of the stories under the 3-hour mark. With the conclusion to the It saga, a super edit of both the movies is what Stephen King fans would want next.

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean, and Bill Skarsgård

Director: Andy Muschietti

Producers: Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin, and Roy Lee

It: Chapter 2 is now running in theaters worldwide.