Fauda is one of the most popular crime thriller series around the world. Ever since its premiere in 2015, Israel's Fauda has been appreciated by audiences across the world, especially since it has been made available on streaming platforms. Content studio Applause Entertainment is now looking to remake Fauda for Indian audiences, including a desi twist to the series. Read on to find out more details about Fauda Indian remake.

Applause Entertainment is looking to bring Fauda to India with a relevant storyline. According to reports, the studio has inked a partnership with Yes Studios, the producer and distributor of the internationally acclaimed series, for the Indian adaptation version, which is expected to highlight the complicated relationship between India and Pakistan.

Fauda is originally a fictional tale of innocent lives that are sacrificed during times of conflict due to religion, culture, and people. "Reality is often stranger than fiction, and is rarely black and white; 'Fauda' is an effort to represent this grey state of conflict. We have similar scenarios in India which is why we believe this compelling story must be transliterated and adapted to take it to a larger Indian and global audience," Sameer Nair, CEO, Applause Entertainment said in a statement.

"Their entire adaptation process is meticulous and stays true to the original material while making the story relevant to their local viewers - which they know so well; we are certain that they will do complete justice with the Indian version," Danna Stern, Managing Director, Yes Studios added.

The third season of Fauda, the original version, is currently in post-production, and is expected to release in November in Israel, and on Netflix about four months later. As for the Indian series, writing and development is underway and Fauda Indian remake is expected to be out next year. Considering Applause Entertainment has created remakes of Hostages, Criminal Justice, and The Office for Hotstar, we can expect Fauda remake to come to Hotstar Specials catalogue as well.