Into The Wild featuring Akshay Kumar is the latest reality TV show with host Bear Grylls. Akshay Kumar is known for adventurous and action-filled spirit, which is exactly what we saw in the latest episode of Into The Wild. Streaming now on Discovery Plus app and website, Into The Wild with Akshay Kumar was a fun-filled show and we list down 5 of the best moments from the reality TV show to help you make the streaming decision.

Elephant poop tea

The Indian Express

Elephant poo tea was the highlight of the adventurous Into The Wild episode as Bear and Akshay both found elephant poop lying in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. They burned the poop, boiled it, and even drank from it. Akshay Kumar, interestingly, liked it.


The duo encountered a river full of crocodiles and had to cross it using a zipline on offer. While Bear is used to ziplining across rivers in jungles, Akshay was new to the game. That said, his adventurous lifestyle helped him cross this milestone as well.

Ayurvedic balls

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Akshay Kumar brought his own twist to the reality TV show by feeding Bear Grylls ayurvedic balls. These balls were nothing other than gond laddoo made out of apricot tree gum, which are known to provide instant energy.

Special messages

Every task that Akshay Kumar completed on Into The Wild was rewarded through special messages from his loved ones. This segment was especially heartwarming given we saw clips featuring his wife Twinkle Khanna, and friends Katrina Kaif and Suniel Shetty.

Personal work

By the end of Into The Wild's special episode, Akshay Kumar talked about his favourite movie, Padman and how it was special in its own way. He also talked about his association with charities like Bharat Ke Veer that he feels deeply about.