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Chandrayaan-2 is the India's second mission to the Moon, and is expected to become the world's first to explore the South side of the satellite. Years in the making, ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 will make its first moon landing early morning on Saturday, September 07, 2019. National Geographic, Star Plus, Star Bharat, and Hotstar have come together to telecast the Chandrayaan 2 landing to viewers across 100+ countries. The livestream telecast will start on September 6, 2019 from 11.30 PM (India time), one hour before the scheduled touchdown.

The collaboration between TV channels and streaming platforms will allow you to access the live stream at your own convenience. On Hotstar, the Chandrayaan 2 moon landing will be available for streaming online for all users. Additionally, after the touchdown, the video will be made available for viewing on Hotstar.

This achievement will continue India's reign on the Moon as the fourth country after Soviet Union, US, and China. If successful, Chandrayaan 2 will be the southernmost lunar landing ever on the moon’s surface.

How Chandrayaan 2 will make its moon landing - A timeline

Chandrayaan 2 is made up of two major parts - the lander (Vikram) and the rover (Pragyan). Vikram broke off from the orbiter last week, as takes Pragyan to its final approach to the moon's surface. At 1.40am on September 7, Chandrayaan 2's Vikram lander will begin its descent.

After touchdown, Pragyan will roll down from the lander and begin its research on the South part of the Moon. Its main mission? To find out how much water is present on the surface. Pragyan will carry on the research for a total of 14 days from touchdown.

“This event will be a historic and immensely proud moment for India. What ISRO and the team of scientists have achieved is nothing short of spectacular. The Star network believes in inspiring its viewers with path breaking content and we are delighted to provide our audience with the chance to witness the historic moment live” said Sanjay Gupta, Country Manager, Star and Disney India.