The Marvel Cinematic Universe or the MCU has been ruling the global, and American, box office for the last few years with billion-dollar releases becoming commonplace. However, we are living in a COVID-19 pandemic right now. Things aren't the same anymore. And the biggest change has been seen in movie trends. Now that most regular movie theaters are shut, people are shifting to drive-in theaters in the US because they offer some sort of social distancing. This has led to classic movies making a comeback. Here are the movies making the most money at drive-in theaters.

While drive-in theaters are running with massive demand, new movie releases are suspended. So, theater owners are resorting to screening older, classic movies instead. Those that a lot from the new generation might not have watched.

The New York Times

Deadline reports that Jurassic Park (1993) has made a huge comeback with earnings totalling 517,000 dollars at the weekend box office in the US. This record is especially interesting when you consider the movie was the highest grossing in the US for 3 weekends, exactly 21 years back in June 1993. It is one of Steven Spielberg's biggest hits.

Another one of Spielberg's classics, Jaws, made it to the second spot with $516,000 in collections. This compared to Invisible Man’s 383,000 dollars and Trolls World Tour’s 275,000 dollars; the highest grossers from last week.

The report states that the number of theaters keeps increasing and the last tally was at around 1,100 cinemas across the country with 300 of them being drive-ins.


In fact, 160 of the top 200 grossing cinemas are of the drive in sort, possibly because moviegoers are prefering the sort of social distancing it offers compared to a regular theater.

According to AP, several popular movies like, Black Panther, Back To The Future, The Dark Knight, and The Wizard of Oz are making a comeback to screens this summer.