The first official trailer for Matt Reeves' The Batman was released last week at DC's mega FanDome event. This is the first movie where we will Robert Pattinson portray the much-coveted role of the Dark Knight. It is expected to be a dark and neo-noir take on the DC superhero character who is a vigilante crime fighter. We hope you have streamed The Batman trailer on YouTube. We bring you 5 hidden clues that reveal plot points from the upcoming movie.

Redesigned Jim Gordon


One of the interesting previews from The Batman trailer is Jeffery Wright playing Jim Gordon. He hasn't yet become the commissioner of GCPD and is still rising in the ranks in this older setting.

The Riddler

The Riddler is very clearly the villain in The Batman. Paul Dano will be playing this role. Considering this is the first appearance for The Riddler in Batman movies, expect a lot of action from the comics as well as some redesigned for film.

Court of Owls


The Batman may hide a Court Of Owls tease which is hinted through the presence of an owl on a card that The Riddler holds. The Court of Owls was first seen in Batman comics in 2011, and is some sort of secret order of some of Gotham's powerful elite.

Not an origin story

This has been revealed by the director that The Batman is not a true origin story but instead will show Batman's second year in the game. It will be interesting to see a newbie Batman who still has some sort of rapport with the police force.

Catwoman in action


It is being believed that The Batman will actually feature Catwoman and show an origin story for her character in the film. No other Batman film has taken this sort of an angle before.

The Batman releases in 2021.