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Apart from a lot of strong superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, DC also has an extremely popular villain - Joker. Played by quite a few actors till date, Heath Ledger's representation of the psychopathic murderer in The Dark Knight was the one that won him a posthomous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Now, veteran actor Joaquin Phoenix is supposed to reprise the role in Todd Phillips' Joker in October this year and all eyes are on him. Just before release, Joker's director has revealed the one difference between Heath Ledger's and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker that makes them completely different from one other. Read on to find out.

In an interaction with the media at the Venice Film Festival 2019, director Todd Phillips talked about one particular dialogue that Heath Ledger's Joker character is famous for - "I want to watch the world burn".

He says that the fundamental difference between Ledger's and this new Joker is that the newer one doesn't have a similar agenda. He develops psychopathic tendencies only after society rejects him from all fronts. “I don’t think it was this Joker’s goal to watch the world burn. This Joker had an entirely different goal in mind. In the beginning of the movie he’s sitting here doing this [forcing himself to smile and frown] in the very first scene, and it’s a guy searching for identity," Phillips said.

"As for the past ones, that’s a different thing. But our guy, that wasn’t his goal," he said emphasising on the fact that Joker isn't part of the DCEU, and instead starts off a new DC Black movie franchise.

Other than that, actor Joaquin Phoenix has claimed that he wanted his portrayal to be different from all the previous Joker characters in film. He also wanted this spin to be unidentifiable by real-world psychiatrists. “It was just something that felt like it was our creation in some ways, and I think that’s what was really important for me and key to it," he said.

Joker releases in India on October 4 this year. The movie has started winning accolades already and it would be interesting to see if that translates into commercial box office success.