Disney+ streaming service is one of the most anticipated launches in the video streaming space this year. Ever since Disney acquired production studio 21st Century Fox, it has been plotting big moves in the online video industry. In an earnings call this week, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Disney+ would soon begin working on reboots of several cult classic Fox-owned movies. These would include remakes for Home Alone, Night at the Museum, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Cheaper by the Dozen. The rebooted titles will be available for streaming exclusively on Disney+ streaming service.

Apart from an announcement of Disney digging into Fox's vast content library to pick up source material, Disney hasn't revealed anything about these upcoming reboots. While there isn't much of an indication on whether these will be remade into movies or TV series, the past trend has shown that Disney is usually keen on making big money through feature films, see Aladdin and The Lion King (2019). The news comes to us courtesy The Hollywood Reporter.

However, the game changes on November 12 when Disney+ streaming service debuts. The focus will shift to the online space, where films and shows are a level playing field. A TV show might just make more sense to create an increased amount of time spent per user.

Then again, Disney is definitely the biggest visionary in the entertainment space today. Turning superhero movies into multi-billion dollar franchises, remaking decades-old movies into box office cash machines, and strategically buying out properties is what it does best.

The original Home Alone trilogy grossed about $490 million worldwide, while the Night at the Museum series made about $540 domestically.