Commando 3 release date in India is November 29, 2019, setting up a clash with films like Hotel Mumbai and Knives Out. Starring Vidyut Jammwal in the lead role, Commando 3 is the third installment in the action-packed Bollywood film franchise, Commando. Commando 3 has opened at the Indian box office today, and critics have gotten a chance to watch the action flick. Here is a quick Commando 3 review roundup to help you decide whether you should watch the movie this weekend.

Commando 3 movie review: Vidyut Jammwal flexes his muscles while talking down to India's Muslims

Anna MM Vetticad from Firstpost writes, "Commando 3 is technically glossy and the fight choreography is slick. The writing though is contrived. The film is filled with lines like this one tossed at Buraq by Karan, "Pehle purdon mein chhupa karta thha, ab mardon mein?" (Earlier you hid behind a veil, now you hide behind men?) as the latter walks towards him surrounded by armed guards, but the dialoguebaazi is tiresome and soulless. Even if this were not the case, it is appalling that the populist stereotypes in the script target an already vulnerable people."

Commando 3 Movie Review: It Fails to Pack a Punch Despite Vidyut Jammwal's Slick Action

Priyanka Sinha Jha from News18 says, "Roadblocks are predictable enough, overcome just too easily by Dogra and there are no cliff-hanger moments so essential to actioners and thrillers. Director Aditya Datta is unable to plot and pace this film effectively and at over two hours, Commando 3 feels like an inordinate stretch."

Commando 3 movie review: A predictable actioner

Shubhra Gupta from Indian Express writes, "Like the earlier films, Commando 1 and 2, this one’s USP is action: car and bike chases, people being blown to bits, and lots of space given over to Jammwal doing his thing. His body is a well-oiled, beautifully-muscled machine and we watch in admiration as he goes about his business with efficiency and economy. Dialoguing is not his suit, though: when he speaks, our eyes glaze over."

Commando 3 movie review: Vidyut Jammwal-starrer is full on action, but low on script

Monika Rawal Kukreja from Hindustan Times says, "With the story and the message that the director intended to convey, it could have been easily wrapped up in a crisp hour and a half, but brevity doesn’t seem to be the strong point here. Only time when you feel adrenaline rush is when bones break and the background score amps up. Those are the rare moments when you feel Commando 3 is watchable."

Movie Review: Commando 3

Filmfare writes, "There is no middle ground in the film. The villain is shown to be a self-obsessed psycho. He hasn't been given a backstory so we don't get to know the reason for the hatred burning in his heart. The hero too is a die-hard deshbhakt who treats every situation like a suicide mission. Both get to spout punch dialogue and their confrontation scenes sound like measuring contests."