Chris Hemsworth is one of the most well-known actors in the world, having portrayed the popular role of Thor in five Marvel movies till date. MCU fans are well aware that Thor's hammer is an important aspect of his superpowers, considering its role in Thor and Avengers movies. Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky recently revealed that the both of them fight over where Hemsworth gets to keep his Thor hammer movie props at home. Read on.

In an interview with Australian radio show "Fitzy & Wippa", Pataky said that Hemsworth has the habit of keeping hammer props from the movies he works in, at home. His habit of keeping them in prominent places in the house is what she doesn't like.

"Yes he always picks the best places in the house, and I'm like, 'It's not going there'. We have five of them from every movie we've done, like, seriously, no," Pataky said. To recall, Thor now has two hammers in the MCU - Mjolnir, the short one given to him by his father, and Stormbreaker, made in Avengers: Infinity War.

Chris Hemsworth has been seen in eight films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Avengers movies and a brief cameo in Doctor Strange. His ninth and Thor's fourth film, "Thor: Love and Thunder" starring Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman, is set to be released in theaters November 5, 2021.