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Chandrayaan 2, India's second major mission to the Moon, is one of the biggest events in the country right now. ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 was supposed to land on the Moon's south region for the first time early morning on Saturday, September 7. However, just a few kilometers before touchdown, we lost control of the Vikram lander, with the orbter still in position. In case you are intrigued by Chandrayaan 2 and the entire project by ISRO, National Geographic has released a Chandrayaan 2 documentary on Hotstar that will give you all the insights you need into India's second Moon mission.

Titled "Chandrayaan 2 - The Landing", the Hotstar documentary is about 58 minutes and deep dives into the behind-the-scenes action that happens while working on a big and cost-effective space mission like the Moon landing. The main aim of Chandrayaan 2 is to land on an unexplored territory of the Moon and gather data on how much water is present on the surface of Earth's only natural satellite.

Instead of using dramatic effects and back stories like Bollywood movie Mission Mangal, this is a raw documentary that storifies all the facts and timelines of the Chandrayaan 2 mission. It includes interviews with several ISRO scientists directly and indirectly involved in India's Moon mission.

Interestingly, Chandrayaan 2 has been built on a budget of about Rs 978 crores, substantially lower than that of NASA and other space organisations across the world. This amount is, however, higher than that of the Mangalyaan, India's debut mission to planet Mars.

The Chandrayaan 2 Hotstar documentary gets you footage right from ISRO's command center, where all the major decisions take place. It gives you an idea of the amount of pressure that space scientists face and the amount of hard work they put in day and night to work on this kind of a mission.

This Chandrayaan 2 documentary has been led by NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger as he chroncles the events in India's most ambitious space mission yet. India is currently preparing for Gaganyaan, the country's first manned mission into space.