The wait is over. Anushka Sharma's production debut for Netflix India is here. Bulbbul is a Hindi horror film written and directed by debut director Anvita Dutt. The movie is the latest in Netflix India's long list of original movies, a lot of which haven't been doing well in 2020. Critics have streamed Bulbbul on Netflix and here is a roundup to help you make the streaming decision.

Film review: Supernatural period drama 'Bulbbul' is fetching but unadventurous

Uday Bhatia from says, "Like Paatal Lok, another Sharma production, Bulbbul’s plot also turns on the depiction of violent crimes against women (the scene that draws out and aestheticizes spousal abuse left me feeling very uneasy). This puts us on Bulbbul’s side, though it would have been more impressive had our sympathies been won through the bravery or ingenuity of the character."

Bulbbul review: A powerfully feminist, revisionist tale

Shubhra Gupta from The Indian Express writes, "For a film which so beautifully recreates a specific period — the thick ‘alta’ on the feet of the women, the shaved heads and the all-white attire of the widows, the crisp dhutis-and-fabulous shawls of the men, the ‘paalkis’ drawn by the men in service of the zamindar — some of the lines are awkward...

But these are minor quibbles. Bulbbul is fashioned as a sharply relevant fable. It is a powerfully feminist, revisionist tale of a woman wronged, and it is told with economy, precision and feeling."

‘Bulbbul’ review: A beguiling tale of demons and repressed housewives

Nandini Ramnath from says, "Some of the cliches of horror fiction are repeated here – the creepy singing, the needless exposition – while others are cleverly done away with. Dutt’s empathy for her female characters extends to Binodini, who pithily explains her position in one of the movie’s strongest scenes.

The extraordinarily crisp Bulbbul doesn’t have too much room for suspense, with some of its answers telegraphed early on and the others arriving in an unwelcome rush."

Bulbbul Movie Review: Anushka Sharma’s Netflix Production Is Wired All Wrong

Akhil Arora from Gadgets 360 writes, "In the hands of a more capable writer-director, Bulbbul would've upended viewer's expectations from a movie about the folklore of chudail, than merely play into them. It could also have been Netflix's first Bengali-language original. Instead, Anushka Sharma has helped deliver a dud for Netflix, which may as well write off the first half of 2020, having given us seven straight Indian films on the spectrum of mediocre to downright terrible. It's almost as if the streaming service is masochistic."

Bulbbul movie review: Anushka Sharma's continuing interest in the paranormal yields compelling results

Anna MM Vetticad from says, "Among other joys that it offers then is the fact that Bulbbul is one of those rare contemporary Hindi films to travel beyond the Hindi belt and Punjab to a culture and place that Bollywood does not often visit these days. With its eerie air and mythical, mystical tone, Dutt’s film brings alive a spectre that is not scary in the way the average Hindi film bhoot or daayin is – what is scary are the circumstances that brought this creature to such a pass."