Bigg Boss 14 is the latest season of the ultra-popular Indian reality TV show. But everything is changed this time around. India just got out of the world's strictest lockdown, and everyone is looking for any sort of entertainment that comes their way. Bigg Boss 14 is also expected to play on these aspects and show various lockdown-based activities to keep viewers entertained. New reports coming in suggest a lot of exciting changes coming to Bigg Boss Season 14. Read on for details.

As like previous seasons, Bigg Boss 14 is also expected to feature a mix of celebrity and non-celebrity contestants. This formula has proven to be a success in the last few seasons of the reality TV show.

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A report by The Indian Express reveals that Bigg Boss 14 will feature a lot of pre-lockdown activities such as swimming pool, mini movie theater, spa, and a makeshift dine-in restaurant. This will be done to ensure contestants get luxury tasks, alongside the tougher ones.

This addition to the theme of Bigg Boss 14 is definitely interesting. The pre-lockdown activities will add the much-needed spice to this year's Bigg Boss. Especially considering the fact that Bigg Boss 14 is expected to see record viewership owing to COVID-19 fatigue ths year.

As for participants, we more or less have a fair idea of who all can be part of Bigg Boss 14. You can check out the entire list here.

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