Khaali Peeli is the latest Bollywood movie to premiere on Zee5 as part of the straight to streaming campaign. The movie is facing allegations of nepotism, and to make matters worse, is also getting a lot of hate for its supposedly-sexist song, Beyonce Sharma Jayegi. But it seems problems haven't ended for producers as they might be in for legal troubles. Here are the details.

The issue is that superstar Beyonce had trademarked her name about a decade ago. Using her name in Khaali Peeli's first song, Beyonce Sharma Jayegi, is likely to put the producers in trouble. This especially because Beyonce recently won a legal battle to trademark even her daughter, Blue Ivy's name.

It is being reported that the producers of the film haven't asked for permission from Beyonce and will likely face a lawsuit in case instant action is not taken to change the lyrics.

Corrective measures are said to be taken which could include reshooting the music video or the removal of the instances where the star's name is mentioned.

In fact, an interesting change has already taken place. The music video on YouTube now has the new title "Beyonse Sharma Jayegi" with the same text on the featured image of the video.

This could possibly be a loophole for inviting any lawsuits. However, the result will be seen later on.

Notably, Khaali Peeli has been inviting a lot of hate on its trailer, which has become the second most disliked movie trailer on YouTube. The latest song has been accused of having racist undertones. Check out the entire list of issues here.

Khaali Peeli will premiere on the ZEE5 app and website on a pay-per-view basis starting October 02, 2020.

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