Betaal is the latest Web series from Netflix India, premiering on the streaming platform on May 24, 2020. This is the first full-blown zombie thriller Web series from Netflix in India, after a similar concept with Radhika Apte's Ghoul. Betaal on Netflix is SRK's Red Chillies Entertainment's second production after Bard of Blood last year. Let's have a look at some of the things we can expect from Betaal on Netflix, a full-blown zombie apocalyptic thriller series.

1. Adventure and thrill

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It's Netflix India's first full-blown zombie thriller, so obviously it will pack in a ton of adventure and thrill as we see enforcers try and manage a zombie outbreak, protecting humans in the process. The trailer reveals a glimpse of the action we can expect from the Web series.

2. Katekar's magic

Jitendra Joshi, the actor who plays the beloved constable Katekar in Sacred Games, will be appearing on Betaal for at least 4 episodes out of the total 7. Considering his much-acclaimed acting, we can expect him to add the spice to this unique concept coming to India's digital space.

3. Big-budget shoot


Given Betaal is a collaboration between Netflix and Red Chillies Entertainment, two big studios, we can expect Betaal to have a big budget and an extensive shoot schedule. Even the preview reveals the series is being shot at exotic locales.

4. The makers of Get Out

Not many know this but Betaal has Jason Blum's Blumhouse as the executive producer, known for low-budget horror films such as Get Out, Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and Insidious. We can expect something extraordinary because these guys seem to put their money where they see the potential.

5. Possible SRK cameo

Red Chillies Entertainment, owned by Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan, is the production house behind Betaal series on Netflix. Considering this is his second one for the platform, we could expect some sort of cameo by the superstar, at least in narration or voice over, if not as part of the acting cast.