Do you love the big screen and cannot get enough of the thousands of Netflix movies and Web series? This festive season, Netflix is introducing some interesting new additions to its UI that will keep you the remote pro you are and also keep your family impressed.

Netflix has added a new way to find interesting new and exciting movies and Web series that have premiered on Netflix in the recent past.

To access this, on the left side panel of the app on your TV, go to the drop down menu and click on New and Popular. It has elements like Top 10, New on Netflix, Coming Soon, and Worth The Wait that tell you movies and shows across these categories.

Modify your watch history

Consider you are watching a popular TV show, and want to get ahead in the season without your partner knowing about it. You can do this sneakily by removing that particular show from your viewing history.

Go to your Account tab, scroll down and click on 'Viewing Activity'. From here, you can either 'Hide All' or individually select the titles you want to remove.

Language customisations

Netflix recently added the ability to change language for your interface. Not only will the language be adapted to the movie or TV show, but will also be available on menus, tabs, titles, and more.

Personalised screensavers

Netflix has had screensavers for its apps since 2016, especially for the times when you are busy in something else while Netflix UI remains in the backdrop. However, it recently added the ability to get personalised screensavers that mostly show what you like on the platform. Interesting addition.l0

Collection tab

If you have ever loved a show, loved the characters, laughed and cried with them, you know how precious it is to watch the behind-the-scenes footage.

To do that, go into a particular show on the TV app, scroll down to the right to find the "Show's name" Collection tab. Here you can watch behind the scenes footage and unseen shots. Only available for select Netflix original shows.