1. RJ Abhinav

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Use this when you travel next 😇

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There are a lot of trends on TikTok, which most of the top creators enact as is or with a personal twist. But there is an anti-hero, RJ Abhinav who subtly mocks every trend with his unique style. The only meme-r you need on the platform.

2. Jagjit Singh Sabhar

Jagjit Singh Sabhar is a unique personality on TikTok. Among the youngsters showing off their fashion, here we have a veteran who has a mean-looking physique, trying out whatever the kids are doing. His content is wholesome and shows that the Sardar has swag!

3. Ratan Chouhan

With about 3.5 million followers on the platform, Ratan Chouhan is the perfect example of raw Indian talent. She started posting her vocal talent in Haryanvi and has since amassed a large following in the last few months.

4. Arman Rathod

Yet another example of raw Indian talent is Arman Rathod. He recently went viral for his impeccable dance skills that he showcases in his town's sports ground. His moves compare to some of the best dancers in Bollywood.

5. Saini

With more than 1.5 million followers, Saini has a unique editing skill. He does the flying edit where he is seen flying out of every situation, depending on the video. It's not that complicated a skill, but unique in its own way.

6. Awal TsMadaan

With almost 8 million followers on his profile, Awal Creations aims to teach English to the underprivileged through simple and easy to understand methods. He use real-life examples helping you understand the language without having extensive knowledge about it.

7. IMKavy

Furthering the #EduTok campaign, IMKavy is a popular Tiktok creator who focuses on providing easy explainers for people at home to start working out, without having to go to the gym. It is a good unintimidating way to learn the basics of staying fit.

8. AKTFoodz

Another TikTok creator who is empowering knowledge with simple videos is Amma Ki Thaali, which has bite-sized recipes for anyone looking to start cooking their food at home.

9.Dr. Animesh

In case you are looking for health tips and ways to prevent diseases, especially COVID-19, Dr. Animesh is the right TikTok account to do that. The doctor gives you tips you can implement for a healthier life.

10. Technology Gyan

Want some quick hacks to click the best photos from your phone? Want some good gaming tips? Technology Gyan is the account for the highly-requested tech tips and tricks.