These are tough times, quite evidently. Unprecedented shutdowns and lockdowns are happening across the globe, with rules tightening each day. It is extremely crucial to stay positive and optimistics in these tough times. To take on the global concern, and to offer a ray of hope, two zoos from Australia have come up with an idea that is sure to brighten up all the animal lovers out there. Read on.

The Melbourne zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo have devised this idea to cheer up folks sitting at home. As per a report by News18, the two above-mentioned Australian zoos are currently live streaming their several animals online, 24X7.

On their official YouTube channel, right now, you can check out live cam streams of their Zebra, Snow Leopard, Giraffe, Lion, and Penguin enclosures.

Both the zoos have placed their cameras for live streaming at an angle that is supposed to get the best view for those watching from home. What's more, they have two cameras for the snow leopard enclosure, one in the cub and one outdoors, for a better chance to catch a glimpse of the animal.

And, don't worry, these zoos take great care of their animals. They don't keep them in cramped up enclosures. "Can’t see them? That’s because our animals live in areas that are much bigger than what a camera can capture and they have the choice to wander wherever they please. Check back in later to spot them," said Zoos Victoria in a statement.

For those who adore these live streams, the organisations asks for donations in tough times, following the Australian bushfires. Stream some, and maybe donate for this good cause.