Amazon Prime Video finally has a home on Windows 10. The Prime Video app for Windows 10 just went live on the Microsoft Store. This comes as great news for billions of PC users across the world who will now be able to access the video streaming platform without browsing to the website on the Windows 10 browser. Here are the details.

For starters, Amazon Prime Video on Windows 10 is a UWP app, which means it is mostly simple and barebones but offers a decent amount of functionality. These are some of the features.

  • You can download videos, take them offline, to watch on the go. Offline videos can be played without an active Internet connection.
  • Prime Video Channels lets you pay for more than 150 premium channels including HBO and Starz. However, this feature is not available in all regions.
  • You can also rent or buy thousands of titles including new release movies, popular TV shows, and more. Once again, not available in all countries/regions.
  • Much like smartphone and smart TV apps, Prime Video on Windows 10 brings X-Ray with extensive information about cast, crew, story, and more.

Then, much like its other versions, you can change things like Subtitles, Language (when available), Streaming Quality, Download Quality, and more.