Aashram Chapter 2 is the latest Web series to drop on MX Player. This original show is the sequel to a popular first season that saw Bobby Deol playing the role of a corrupt Indian baba/sage, who is known to indulge in criminal activites under the shadow of sainthood. Deol is back with Aashram Chapter 2 super soon, and here we bring you a Aashram Season 2 review roundup to help you make the streaming decision in just 2 minutes!

Aashram Chapter 2 review: Bobby Deol needs to rethink his choices after this shockingly amateurish series


Rohan Naahar from Hindustan Times says, "I struggle to understand whom this show is catering to. It clearly wants to be counted among the more mainstream OTT hits India has produced in the last couple of years, but its sensibilities are stuck in the early 2000s, when Ekta Kapoor was ruling the roost. Some of Jha’s techniques are bizarre enough to feel right at home in a K-serial — clunky flashbacks scored to clanging music, freeze-frames, and uniformly wooden performances by a cast that is clearly struggling to make the most of what it has been given."

Aashram Chapter 2 The Dark Side review: More of the same

Shubhra Gupta from The Indian Express writes, "Now that the novelty of the first season has worn off (it was already wearing thin by the end), the only way to keep us engaged is to introduce new elements, and characters. But not much has been done on this crucial score, so Aashram 2 comes off as more-of-the-same."


Pallabi Dey Purkayastha from Times of India says, "‘Aashram 2’ is rage, revenge and redemption, but most importantly, it internalises the saying that silence is never the answer. In conclusion, we would like to say that yes, the second part of this cult-centred drama doesn’t have anything new to offer in terms of plot progression but it was refreshing to see these battered souls deriving peace one way or the other. And, just to that, we say, ‘Japnaam!’"

Aashram 2 review: A let down compared to the first one

Heer Kothari from Free Press Journal writes, "Bobby Deol looks more like a pampered prince rather than a Godman. He is brazenly shown satiating his carnal desires. This isn’t something one expected Bobby to do. He is far more sophisticated than that. Sanyal’s character has literally been thrown around all over the place."

'Ashram Chapter 2' Review: Bobby Deol Succeeds In Showing The Dark Side Of "babagiri"

Anushka Pathania from Republic World says, "All in all the series is a good watch and you will enjoy it as a drama series. The acting performance and direction is good and portrays well how power play is prevalent in our society."