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Joker is one of the most controversial movies this year, considering it is the first time DC is attempting to break away from the conventional superhero genre in the comic book movie world. Directed by Todd Phillips, Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix as a brilliant DC villain. By now, you have probably watched the movie, and possibly loved it quite a bit, too. However, much like most good Hollywood movies these days, we bring you the top 7 easter eggs that you probably missed out on while witnessing the brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker.

Todd Phillips cameo

Director Todd Phillips has maintained that he is inspired by filmmaker Martin Scorsese. The inspiration goes such a long way that Phillips, like Scorsese in Taxi Driver, has a cameo in Joker. In fact, he is the 'sexist' comedian who appears before Arthur Fleck goes on to perform on stage.

The essence of Taxi Driver

Having been inspired by Scorsese's works, Todd Phillips has taken a lot of the core theme from Taxi Driver. In case you have seen the classic, you will know that most of the protagonist's scenes are debatable as being true or just dreams. The same can be said for Arthur Fleck, who is known for deceiving the viewers.

Arkham Asylum, anyone?

In a slight nod to the DC comic book universe, Joker shows Arkham State hospital as the mental hospital where Fleck's mother was previously admitted. This could be a hint towards Arkham Asylum, where Joker's character is known to have developed in the comic books.

Debra Kane

Debra Kane is the name of the social worker who acts as the psychiatrist helping Arthur. However, her name is clearly a reference to Bob Kane, one of the major creators of Batman.

Set in 1981

While ths hasn't been explicitly mentioned in the movie, Joker hints towards a setting in 1981. Movies like Blow Out, Zorro the Gay Blade, and Excalibur are seen at the cinema halls; all of them were released in the same year, 1981.

The Dark Knight

While completely separate from the DCEU, Joker does have quite a few references to The Dark Knight. Joker pays homage to Heath Ledger towards the end of the movie where Fleck is sitting in the back of a police car, looking out of the window as his hair blow.

Crew credits

In one of the scenes in Joker, where Arthur Fleck dances with his mother in the living room, the TV displays credits for a show. These are actual crew credits for the movie; Ben Gatollari (assistant production coordinator), Will Limpert (production secretary), loand Michael Auszura (assistant art director).