Wonder Woman 1984 is the latest DC superhero movie to premiere in cinema halls worldwide. WW1984 in India is one of the first movies to release theatrically, during COVID-19 pandemic. Patty Jenkins has taken the helm and is behind the sequel, which sees. Gal Gadot reprising her role as the titular superhero. With all critic reviews out now, we bring you a 2-minute roundup to help you decide whether you should go out and watch Wonder Woman 1984 in cinemas in India or not.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review: DC Sequel a Major Step Down From the Original

Akhil Arora from NDTV Gadgets writes, "And now that Wonder Woman 1984 is simultaneously releasing on HBO Max (albeit in the US only), I can't help but feel that maybe it should have been a miniseries. Zack Snyder's Justice League is already getting that treatment.

That would give us episodes about how Diana's doing without her friends who have all died, episodes that allow the villains to be fully developed, and episodes that focus on Diana and Steve's relationship after his miraculous return. It needs that because it's trying to fit in so much. That seems odd to say given it's already 145 minutes long. But it requires a lot more time to tell the stories it desperately tries to fit into a single movie."

Review Of Wonder Woman 1984: Is An Underwhelming Experience

Subhash K Jha from IWMBuzz.com says, "Gadot and Pine look bored and bovine together and apart. While Pedro Pascal makes enough faces to compensate for the lack of animation in the lead pair. The ‘supine’-villain has a little son named Alistair who looks Hawaiian/Malaysian. The mixed marriage must have been more interesting than what transpires here.

Oh yes, our own Ravi Patel seen having a ball with Swara Bhaskar in Bhaag Beanie Bhaag,is seen with Gal Gadot for exactly 3 minutes. Having no ball or balls."

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ movie review: After a big bust-up, all comes right in the end


Mini Anthikad Chhibber from The Hindu writes, "At just over two and a half hours, WW84 could have done with some trimming. The action sequences, while serviceable, are not spectacular. The first superhero movie after the pandemic shut down cinemas, WW84 could be underwhelming probably because our idea of superheroes itself has changed."

Wonder Woman 1984 review – the superheroine 2020 needs

Mark Kermode from The Guardian says, "Wiig is perfectly cast as the wallflower who becomes a Venus flytrap, her combination of comic timing and dramatic chops ensuring that her character never descends into caricature. The result may not be perfect, but its uplifting spirit reminds us of the genetic link between superhero movies and screwball romcoms – all the while retaining an admirably straight face."

Wonder Woman 1984 - Review

Matt Purslow from IGN.com writes, "It is Gadot’s emotional performance that cements WW84 as the quintessential Wonder Woman film. Love and compassion are her driving force, layered on top of the morality and duty we’ve seen in characters like Clark Kent and Steve Rogers, and that lends an authenticity to her world-saving antics. That was, of course, the fabric of Jenkins’ previous film, and so Wonder Woman 1984 builds upon that by examining the loneliness Diana endures due to her supernaturally long life.