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Over the years, more than thousands of Malayalam movies have been released in Kerala, and it would be a sin to pick up only ten must-watch Malayalam films among them, especially those streaming on Netflix. But, this task would be easy if you are asked to make the selection only from one streaming service. Netflix, although being one of the largest online streaming apps, has fewer Malayalam movies than Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, etc. However, in addition to being successful and getting critically well-acclaimed reviews, some of these films from Netflix also became trendsetters for cinemas across different film industries in the country. Shared below is a list of must-watch Malayalam movies on Netflix in India.

1. Njan Prakashan

Starring Fahad Fazil in the lead role, this comedy drama film is about the life of an unemployed guy in Kerala. The way he gets jealous of his successful friends and how he prevents them from getting further opportunities is portrayed passionately.

You will fall in love with Prakashan's character. Sreenivasan, who wrote this story, can be seen in a supporting role in Njan Prakashan. This must-watch Malayalam cinema is another successful example of the Sathyan Anthikad - Sreenivasan duo.

2. Angamaly Diaries

It is a crime drama film, based in the town of Angamaly in Kerala. Antony Varghese is seen in the role of Vincent Pepe, who wants to be an influential leader of a good gang that will dominate the town.

This film has a unique uncut climax scene with a duration of 11 minutes, starring around 1000 artists. It was remade later in Telugu as Falaknuma Das.

3. Uyare

At a time when a lot of trolls were after her for her feminist opinions, Uyare starring Parvathy Thiruvothu shuts their mouths with its box office success.

Besides being inspirational, this film also demonstrates the toxic relationships in our society and how it can affect a girl through acid attacks and shatter her dreams if she follows a path different than what her boyfriend wants her to choose. The title song played in between is sure to give you goosebumps.

4. Sudani from Nigeria

Sudani from Nigeria is extraordinary cinema that marks the directorial debut of Zakariya Mohammed and stars Soubin Shahir in the lead role. It is a dramedy that revolves around a football manager, Majeed, who recruits 3 football players from Africa in his team.

One of the players gets injured, and Majeed takes care of the player at his home, later developing a unique bond between the player and the manager.

5. Eeda

Eeda is a very realistic romantic movie starring Shane Nigam and Nimisha Sajayan in the lead roles. Anand and Aiswarya, played by Shane and Nimisha, are from families that support two different political views.

Despite this fact, the duo tries to stay together by struggling against all odds. The film also shows how a common man becomes a pawn of a fight between two political parties.

6. CIA: Comrade in America

CIA: Comrade in America, is the story of a true Malayalee communist and how he would react to his girlfriend getting married to another person. Aji travels to America illegally to meet Sarah, his girlfriend, before his wedding.

He finally meets Sarah a few minutes before she gets married. The cinematography by Renadive and direction by Amal Neerad makes you look at things from a different perspective.

7. Freedom at Midnight

Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil or Freedom at Midnight is an action thriller that stars Antony Varghese, Vinayakan, and Chemban Vinod in leading roles. Gireesh Gangadharan's cinematography takes the film to the next level with his extraordinary visuals.

The story revolves around Jacob, who gets caught up in a murder case, goes to sub-jail to find other inmates. They later plan an escape from prison.

8. Thottappan

Starring Vinayakan, Roshan Matthew, Dileesh Pothan, and Lal in leading roles, Thottappan is the kind of cinema that makes you fall in love with it if you are a movie enthusiast.

Itthaque takes care of his friend's daughter Sarah after her father, Jonappan, dies. A close bond develops between both of them, and what happens next is what this interesting film is all about.

9. Minnaminungu

National award-winning actress, Surabhi, plays the role of a single mother who works very hard to cover the expenses of her family in Minnaminungu.

Her selfish daughter unexpectedly asks 6 lakhs from her mom, despite knowing that her mother cannot offer it. The film portrays the determination and strength of a single mother.

10. Aadu 2

Everyone loves Shaji Pappan, played by Jayasuriya. That's why there is Aadu 2, which is a sequel to Aadu. This film is a little bizarre and far from reality, but it will surely make you laugh like you never have before.

For those of you who want to smile by watching a movie and not find mistakes in it, Aadu 2 is a must-watch Malayalam movie for you.

Despite having only fewer movies from Mollywood, Netflix still has a good list of must-watch Malayalam movies. We hope you will enjoy watching these.